Friday, January 18, 2013

Raymond Lam Defends Karena Ng: "Don't Write About Her Like That"; Denies Cohabiting Rumor

Yesterday Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui were invited to the watch brand Ernest Borel's store opening. Recently Raymond has been preparing for his HK coliseum concert, but that doesn't stop his rumors. It was rumored he and 19 year old Karena Ng have been cohabiting in Mid-Level, Hong Kong. That day when Raymond won JSG's "Most Popular Male Singer" award, he thanked "BB" on stage. It was said the "BB" Raymond referred to was Karena. In regards to this, Raymond came prepared and asked reporters: "Don't you guys have a rumor to ask me about?" He reiterated that he and Karena are just friends and the rumor is completely false. "I was a little frightened myself when I saw the headline. I have never been to the location shown in the published photos nor have I seen that place before. (Are you renting a place for her?) No, I basically don't know what's happening! Thank you to the magazines for helping me promote for my concert, but I don't want this kind of publicity. Let me make a fair statement, I've been a newcomer myself, I hope the media don't write about her like that and twist the truth. That is so miserable!" Raymond generously responded to the rumors and defended Karena, "I've been a newcomer before too. Newcomers will have all kinds of news, but this society needs positive energy. Don't write stories that we don't even know about!"

Raymond clarified the "BB" he thanked at the JSG awards was just a member in his family. When speaking of Karena praising that he looks the most Chok when he's sleeping? Raymond did not deny and said: "I've filmed with her before and we have break times in between, so of course she's seen me sleep before. I'm used to sleeping a stabled position and won't m[/quote]ove around too much."

Kate appeared in a red low-cut dress and did not hesitate to bend down to dot the lion dance. It was rumored because of the Mainland permission issues, the Lunar New Year film I Love Hong Kong 2013 will have to delay its release for 2 weeks. When Kate heard this, she was very surprised and shouted: "Really?! I haven't heard of that rumor before, but this news is terrifying because I actually have more screen time then previous years. I hope this news isn't true, the Mainland market is very important."


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