Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kevin Cheng & Nancy Wu Exposes Myolie Wu Has a New Pursuer

On Lunar Chinese New Year, February 9th, a special show TVB Golden Viva Spectacular is globally broadcasting live and can also be viewed on tvb.com's MyTV. TVB artists are traveling to Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan to do the biggest CNY show. Artists to Korea: Kevin Cheng, Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu, Linda Chung; to Singapore: Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma, Ron Ng, Edwin Siu, Nancy Wu, Alfred Hui; to Taiwan: Eric Tsang. Artists staying in HK for the show -- Nat Chan, Liza Wang, Dodo Cheng, Moses Chan, Wayne Lai, Fala Chen and Vivian Chow will be performing in the show.

Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Linda Chung and Raymond Lam appeared at the airport today for their departure to Korea. Then after the show, Myolie and Kevin are going back to Mainland to continue filming. Kevin said he knows Myolie has a pursuer. Myolie said: "Just a pursuer, not successful yet." Nancy Wu attended an event and revealed: "Myolie has a pursuer now, he's someone outside of the industry I told her not to worry so much about work and enjoy it."

At the show in Korea, Kevin will perform a Mandarin song, while Linda and Myolie will perform English songs. When asked why aren't they don't rehearse Korean songs? They said: "Leave the Korean songs for Korean singers. This show is airing during the Lunar New Year, the songs are sung to Chinese people, therefore its better for them to understand the language." Kevin expressed he won't be dancing, that he will leave for Raymond Lam.

When speaking of Ekin Cheng and Yoyo Mung's surprising marriage, Kevin said this is the couple's personal choice and he congratulates them. However, when asked about his own love life, Kevin said: "Not getting anywhere." He revealed he's currently busy shooting series and only gets half a day off on Lunar New Year. He took this opportunity to clarify the rumor of his withdrawal from Startling By Each Step 2, he said: "Before when I asked the crew, it wasn't confirmed that I will be in it, so later I accepted other jobs. Unexpectedly, it was later said that I would be part of the cast. It is a timing issue that I couldn't be in it. However, if there is an opportunity, I hope to guest star."

As for Linda, she collaborated with Ekin in a series before and disclosed Ekin's his 'See Fu'. She was very excited to hear that he got married and praised he and Yoyo are a match from heaven. She hopes the couple will have a baby soon: "When I saw the report on them before, they said they're not planning on having children, but I hope that's not true. Ekin's handsome and Yoyo's beautiful, they will definitely make a beautiful and behaved baby!"

Raymond had a large group of fans waiting for him at the airport. About Ekin and Yoyo's marriage, Raymond was really surprised and disclosed he had always referred Yoyo as his elder sister. He said: "I asked her before when they're getting married, but her didn't answer me. However, I do wish them to be together forever and I hope they'll hold a wedding party in HK. If not, we should get together for dinner at least." Asked when he plans to get married? He said he will copy Ekin, and announce after the fact: "After all, marriage is between two people. Just have to celebrate with family of both sides. (What about you and Karena Ng BB?) I need to concentrate on making more money now, work is my priority."


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