Sunday, January 27, 2013

Angela Tong Exclusive Pregnancy Interview

Angela Tong accepted [Mingpao Weekly] exclusive interview despite being 8 months pregnant. She went to the interview with her 42-inch giant belly and expressed: "The first Inbound Troubles promotion was held on an open top bus and there isn't seat belts on the bus, it's a little dangerous. Chin Ka Lok didn't think that was too good, so that's why I didn't go. After we finished with our marriage and wedding, I concentrated on my pregnancy. Since I get tired easily, I could only go out to the supermarkets to buy groceries to make soup. My friends have scolded me that I cannot be like that, so today it would be impossible for me not to go out. Let me tell you, I am currently 8 months pregnant, but I don't even have a shirt for my baby to wear when we discharge from the hospital. My mom has to help me buy everything."

Angela sure does have a giant belly, when asked if she already thought of a name for her baby? She said: "I'm responsible for the English name, I want her name to follow mines, a name that begins with an 'A'. Ka Lok is responsible for the Chinese name." Angela's belly is so big, it's a little exaggerating, "Haha! I measured my belly, its 42 inches and weighs over 40 pounds! I'm considered pretty lucky, my baby is doing very well. Since I became pregnant, everything started going smoothly. I did not have any difficulty whatsoever, I didn't have morning sickness at all. Many other pregnant women would feel especially disgusted by certain foods, but I don't have that wanting-to-vomit feeling. I just want to eat, and this allows me to really enjoy food. Also, I think I look quite pretty like this."

When asked if she's planning to give birth naturally or via C-section? Has she discussed with Chin Ka Lok yet? Angela laughed: "No need to discuss, we both plan to have more. We aren't young, but we don't just want to have one child. I hope we have two or three children. Ka Lok and I both have brother and sisters, it's better for children to have companions. We talk about anything, so won't be alone on this. Actually, I don't mind whether the baby is a boy or girl. I still haven't decided on whether I should give birth naturally or via C-section. I saw my younger cousin, who had a natural birth, she was able to get out of bed quickly. I have nose allergies and often sneeze, also I'm worried the wound would be difficult to deal with after surgery."

Angela is expected to due mid-March, Ka Lok expressed before after he finishes up his current jobs, he'll take time off to spend with his wife. "Ka Lok should take off to accompany me, but I don't know if he's coming into the delivery room with me yet because he's scared of blood. If he has to work, that's fine too because when the time comes, I have 6 or 7 women in my family to accompany me, my domestic worker, mother, mother-in-law and friends, Ka Lok might pass out from being so frightened!"

Shooting Dangerous Scenes During Pregnancy

In Angela's latest TVB series Inbound Troubles, she had a bed scene with both Bob Lam and Roger Kwok, which has attracted a lot of discussions. Angela said: "I don't really have the guts to watch the series at home. Ka Lok has been getting off work early lately, so he's at home in the evenings. Earlier he saw a scene where Roger was trying to please me, and gave me a kiss on the lip, he looked at me and said: 'hey!' Ka Lok had such a huge reaction on an elementary intimate scene, I was already in fear thinking, what are the intimate scenes in the later episodes considered then? Next week, I have a scene where I try to seduce Roger and that is even more intense. The last bed scene I had with Bob, luckily he was out at a dinner gathering. I hope next week there's going to be a soccer match or something, so he won't pay attention to the series." Recall when Angela first started shooting this series, she was not over 3 months pregnant yet, therefore the cast and crew were unaware she was pregnant. No wonder she got so many bed scenes, flying, jumping and other big action scenes. Angela said: "At the time, nobody knew about my pregnancy, but I was careful. Just like one scene, I had to pretend to be sexy and eat raw oysters, I turned that scene down. My reason was I would vomit if I eat it, so the director let me off. However, I had another falling on the floor scene and asked the director if I could have a stunt double do it for me. At the time they didn't know I was pregnant, so they kept saying the cameras could accommodate me. In the end, I did the scene myself."

Now as a wife and mother, will Angela request to not have too many intimate scenes from now ont? "After I have my baby, I don't think I can get back into acting that quickly. After all, I want to concentrate on my baby. I can still do hosting jobs, but if I do shoot a series, I cannot just ask to not do this or that scene. I have to look at the script before I decide. I am still an artist after all, and the television scale won't go too over."

Earlier when Chin Ka Lok played All Star World Exam, he won the big prize of two air tickets to travel the world. It turns out this sneaky couple already had plans to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary late this year and perhaps hit "another target" and "have 2 babies and 3 years". Angela said: "Haha! We do indeed have plans to celebrate our 1st year wedding anniversary in November. By that time, the baby should be a little older. (You're willing to just leave your baby behind?) I will have to even if I'm not willing to. What I'm really not willing to do is let Ka Lok go with another woman. I asked him before, if I can't go, which other woman would he choose to go with? He said he'll go with Mimi Chu."

Toby Leung Takes Vacation to Babysit

The only reason why Angela has no worries is because her baby's "god mother" Toby Leung promised she'll babysit her newborn when the time comes. She said: "Toby agreed to help me babysit my baby girl. She has nephews and nieces, so she's a good babysitter. I am not worried at all." Good sister, Toby also admitted: "Angela's daughter is my god-daughter. Earlier they checked the schedule with me. All of Angela's big events in her life, such as marriage and babysitting, I handle it all for her. During this period, I will take time off and concentrate completely on taking care of her baby girl. They have to work hard and quickly have more babies, then I'll be really happy. I can take this opportunity to work hard myself (making baby)."


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