Monday, January 14, 2013

Ivana Wong Wins "Gold Song Gold Award", Joey Yung Completely Shocked

The JSG Best Ten Music Award Presentation 2012 was held a few nights ago. It was such a surprised that the "Gold Song Gold Award" didn't go to Raymond Lam or Joey Yung, but to Ivana Wong's Leave Blank (留白). Ivana was not only surprised, but she also said: "Wah, are you series? Really?" Joey Yung was really shocked and had an "O" expression just like Kenneth Ma at the TVB Awards. Raymond was expressionless...feeling miserable. When Ivana accepted her award, she said: "Scared me to death...ah..the award has no diamonds. I really had no idea that I would have this opportunity to accept this award. My brain is blank."

Many Netizens were not happy with Ivana Wong winning the "Gold Song Gold Award" and even demanded that she give the award back. However, Ivana still had a group of supporters, saying that she deserved the award. There was doubt on whether Ivana got the award because she filmed TVB new series Inbound Troubles. Ivana denied: "I filmed Inbound Troubles last year. My seniors told me there is no such thing as filming a series in exchange for an award, I believe it." She feels there will always be people supporting her to get the award and others that don't, so she will not mind the rumors. Ivana felt excited that she got an award! When asked if its because of the speculations that she turned down the 'Asia-Pacific Most Popular Female Singer'  award? She said: "I don't know. TVB handles that, I'm not sure of the operations behind it."

Last night, "Most Popular Male & Female Singers" Raymond Lam and Joey Yung celebrated their victory. This is Joey's 8th time getting the award, she frankly expressed: "I really do feel satisfied! I have always hoped for more networks where I could perform and sing."

Raymond Lam won a total of three awards, which was what Raymond had wished for. He said: "I'm very satisfied, never thought I could bring home that many awards. I've watched the 'Most Popular Male Singer' award since I childhood, and I already feel happy enough that I could be part of the competition." When asked if he feels this award is to compensate his TV King loss? Raymond expressed: "There is no compensation, there is a fair standard for each award ceremony, the most important is to have a healthy attitude. To me, the most important is to continue working hard on my jobs." After Raymond celebrated with his fans, he had another hotpot celebration with his cousin Lin Xiawei, Virgina Lok, Eric Tsang, Paco Wong, Fiona Sit, Siu Fay, Mag Lam, Amigo Chui and more. They were celebrating until 3am, Raymond left with Lin Xiawei, and took her home as well.


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