Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sharon Chan Exposes Sammy Leung Made a Million off "Friendly Fire"

Last night Sammy Leung, Sharon Chan, Alice Chan, Derek Kwok, Louis Yuen and the rest of Friendly Fire's cast and crew watched the finale and had dinner together. The cast hopes for a sequel. The refreshing new pairing Sammy and Sharon has been well accepted by the audience and attracted several advertisers. Sharon disclosed Sammy earned a lot more milk money due to this series. Sammy admitted: "This series has brought me a lot more jobs and endorsements. I'm still discussing with one advertiser right now and got over HK$1 million income." He joked and said he's currently stealing TVB Siu Sang's 'rice bowls' (jobs), "Sharon got a slimming ad too, we're all getting a lot more income." Sammy suddenly called Sharon "mother", he said she takes care of him like a mother and teaches him how to pose for pictures.

Just Have to Beat ATV

After the finale aired, Netizens said there are lot of unrealistic scenes in the series. Sammy expressed his support and said the story line is reasonable, he said: "Perhaps Benz Hui took the bus or taxi home?" He also does not mind, Inbound Trouble getting all the attention. He said: "We took away The Confidant's finale limelight! That's how it is when a series replaces another series. Don't we just have to beat ATV?"

The other pair from the series, Alice Chan and Derek Kwok, had a chain of intimate scenes. Alice was asked whether her husband was upset seeing those scenes? Alice laughed and said her husband hasn't watched the series, "I'm not afraid that he'll get jealous, he already knew about how intimate we get before shooting. He is a professional viewer. (You and Derek had even more intense kiss scenes on the yacht?) A lot of it were cut, perhaps the producer saved the cut scenes in his own private collection. It would be best to release Friendly Fire Director's Cut, share the good stuff with others." Netizens praised Alice's hot looking body figure in the bikini scenes, and that she hasn't aged much. Alice laughed: "It was so difficult for me, I didn't eat for several days! It is because I didn't have any confidence, so I have to keep fit!" Derek expressed he had high expectations on their very intimate scenes and joked: "I don't think there will be anyone asking us to participate in a CAT3 film!"


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