Saturday, January 19, 2013

Alice Chan Shows Off Hot Body Figure

Since TVB series Friendly Fire started broadcasting, it has been a hot topic. Last night, the series finale aired, it was a happy ending for the two main couples, Michael Tse and Tavia Yeung; Sammy Leung and Sharon Chan. The main villain Alice Chan got the consequences she deserved. In the series, Alice had been selling her "female charms", just like Sharon Chan's beautiful long-legs, Christine Kuo and Grace Wong's long career lines, and Samantha Ko's back-revealing rape scene. Up until last night's episode, Alice gave it all she got and revealed as much as she could.

Before the series aired, it was said Alice didn't have much screen time. It turned out she didn't just have a pressuring first appearance in the series, but she also showed a lot of her body figure and became a hot topic of discussion. In one scene, where Alice was dressed in a bikini to entice Derek on the yacht, the two were kissing on the deck until they got into the shower. She even revealed her back in the bed scene. Netizens praised she was extremely hot. Last night, Alice accepted an interview and said: "Thank you! Actually, its all superficial! I thought my first time portraying a villain was very difficult. I had to kill Benz Hui by running him over, then frame Derek Kwok and convince myself that all of that was reasonable and really turn into a true villain!" She laughed and said she successfully frightened the bystanders, they had "O" expressions on their face and immediately bounced back!

Audience points out the Most Unrealistic Parts

Also, it was said several scenes in Friendly Fire were unrealistic. First, Benz Hui was on a bike and moving faster than a car; After Benz got hit by the car and was severely injured, he was still able to get back up and ride his bike home; Benz didn't burst out blood and collapse until he got home to see his family. This was named the most ridiculous part in history.


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