Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nancy Wu Brings Boyfriend to Meet Parents, 'Lightning Marriage' Anytime

31 year old Nancy Wu has been dating her 36 year old wealthy boyfriend (Patt) for half a year and are in a stable relationship. Yesterday she appeared at an event in a sexy red dress to earn extra income for a fat prosperous year. This year Nancy will be spending the Lunar New Year in HK and enjoy her grandmother's homemade turnip and water chestnut cakes. She also disclosed she'll be bringing her boyfriend home for the reunion dinner. Nancy said: "My boyfriend's family lives overseas, so I'll be bringing him to my family's reunion dinner and also send New Year greetings to grandma. My grandma has seen him once before, but didn't rush us to get married. She's satisfied just seeing us happy together."

Nancy frankly expressed she is not hurried to get married, but she does regard her boyfriend as a marriageable partner. "I feel very comfortable with our current relationship. At our age, we have talked about marriage before and of course hope end happily together, but it is not confirmed when marriage will happen. Also, I just got the awards and have a new start in my career, so I hope to accomplish more first." When speaking of the possibly of a 'lightning marriage'? Nancy expressed she does not have an answer to that question. If it happens, then it happens. Sometimes there are changes in the plans, so just let nature take its course.


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