Friday, January 25, 2013

Anthony Wong: Stop harassing me

Following recent reports on Anthony Wong's rejection to make peace with Show Luo through peacemaker and veteran singer Alan Tam, netizens who were believed to be mostly Show's fans, blasted Anthony on his microblog again, leaving crude remarks on his personality.
The Hong Kong veteran actor became irritated by these disputes, and expressed his dissatisfaction, "What's happening? Everyone says I'm using [Show] to create publicity. Am I the one holding a concert now? Please stop harping on this issue. I'm very old now. Stop harassing me, I'm being mentally molested!"
The 51-year-old also allegedly referred to Show's fans as "mental patients" after he posted in his microblog update, "There are so many mental patients appearing recently. I refuse to respond to any of their questions."
Meanwhile, reports suggested Anthony stressed that he did not know Alan well and "both of them were not considered friends". He declined to explain further on his "busybody" criticism on the veteran singer.
"Stop! This matter will not come to an end if I talk about this again," he added.
The actor had exchanged harsh remarks with Show's fans almost eight months ago, commenting that he did not know the 33-year-old, indirectly referring him as a "nobody". He was reportedly unhappy with Show after the latter allegedly made a dig at him publicly during his concert in Hong Kong last weekend.


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