Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kenneth Ma Saving Up to "Marry" Rebecca Zhu

Yesterday rumored couple Kenneth Ma and Rebecca Zhu attended an event at Landmark North in Sheung Shui as a 'couple team'. When Kenneth and Rebecca got on stage, they frequently looked at each other and collectively created a new line of cloisonne ornaments. The MC said the products have a "romance crystal" meaning to it, then asked Kenneth and Rebecca who they will give their creations to? They both said they will give it to their mother in order to avoid awkwardness.

This is Kenneth's first time attending an event with Rebecca as a 'couple team', he was clearly pleased and said the most important is to make money. "I'm very happy, after being rumored for so long, I finally get to attend an event with Rebecca. (Get paid more?) I don't know, the price is higher for rumored pairs, but the arrangements were all made by my company. (Upgrade to become a real couple and make even more money?) Rumor or real, it's all the same!"

Kenneth frankly expressed he does not mind attending events a rumored couple with Rebecca and expressed to him, the most important is to know how to save money, "I am very practical now, just hope to concentrate on saving money. (Save enough money to marry Rebecca?) I have to save money no matter who I marry."

Rebecca agreed with Kenneth on saving money is the most important. She said she hopes to save enough to buy a home. Also, when asked if Kenneth and Rebecca will meet each other's parents during the Lunar New Year holiday? Rebecca said she has to work during new years. She reveals she remembers Kenneth giving her a red envelope last year, but Kenneth completely forgot about it.


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