Thursday, January 24, 2013

Eliza Sam SDU Training for "Sniper Attack", Eating More During New Years

Yesterday at an event, Eliza Sam revealed she'll be staying in HK during the Lunar New Year holidays and will be visiting friends to send new year greetings. She said: "Last year, it was my first time spending new years in HK, there were so many New Year's foods I haven't seen before, I wanted to try them all. I'm currently shooting new series Sniper Attack 2013 and have to do a lot of training because I play a member in the SDU. That's why this year I can eat a little more, but I don't dare to go overboard." When speaking of giving out red envelopes during CNY? She said: "I'm not qualified yet!" Currently airing series Inbound Troubles has already got over 200 complaints in two weeks, Eliza guest starred in the series as the young Mimi Chu, she strongly supported that the series is not trying to mock HK people or Mainlanders. Its goal is to bring laughter to the audience, she said: "I know there are a lot of complaints, but I also heard a lot of people are watching happily. I hope everyone won't take it so seriously because TV series are to entertain people."

Also, Raymond Lam and Linda Chung were unable to participate in TVB new series Food for Slave, and the female lead is still open, Eliza was asked if she had interest in participating in this series? Once she heard the series is a costume drama, she was frightened, "Wah! There are a lot of four-character idioms! For now, I will just focus on modern series. I do hope I'll have the opportunity to do costume dramas in the future. If TVB wants me to be in one, then I'll be very nervous. I believe God won't force me to do something I'm not ready to do."


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