Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lin Xiawei - 2 Years in TVB Already Promoted to 2nd Female Lead

If you wanted to count the TVB rising FaDans, Raymond Lam's younger cousin Lin Xiawei (Wei Wei) is definitely one of them. She has already become one of TVB's heavily promoted artists just after two years of entry into the industry. Missing You just finished airing, then The Days of Days aired immediately after, you can find Lin Xiawei in both series. Wei Wei frankly expressed she is considered one of the luckier ones, since she is already getting second female lead roles just after 2 years in TVB.

In new series The Days of Days, Wei Wei plays Sonija Kwok's younger sister 'Tong Nga Man', who is a rebellious young woman. She clearly knew her sister didn't like her being with the gang leader 'So Fei', played by Raymond Wong, but she still ended up being with him just so she could irritate her sister. This is Wei Wei's first time playing a sassy role, she laughed and said her role is completely different from her in reality and thus she had some difficulty portraying the role. "I'm actually more of a tomboy in real life, so having to portray a Miss Sai Kwan/Xiguan character is pretty difficult to grasp. I just thought of it as a challenge. At the start of the series, I could sleep into the late afternoon and wake up naturally, but in reality I cannot possibly sleep and wake up myself. I was fortunate to have Sonija and Sunny Chan give me pointers on how to control the headstrong feeling in this role as we were filming." Wei Wei added in a serious tone, "I want the audience to see a solid Lin Xiawei. Actually, I have a lot of different sides and I'm very independent."

Not Just "Raymond Lam's Cousin"

Wei Wei is known as "Raymond Lam's cousin", she said this label did help promote her level of fame, but it also means she has to work harder than other artists, in order to be acknowledged by the audience. She said: "I have a very good relationship with Raymond, and I don't mind people referring me as 'Raymond Lam's cousin' because I truly am his younger cousin. Also because we're both in the same industry, it is easier for us to understand the mentality. I hope audience can see my abilities and that I'm not just 'Raymond Lam's cousin'."

Zhang Ziyi's Young See Mui

During her childhood, Wei Wei wanted to be a lawyer and it was a complete accident that she became an actress instead. When she was in high school, she participated in the "Nation Superstar of Tomorrow" contest and won the competition. Friends then encouraged her to study performing arts, so she left Xiamen alone and went to Beijing's Central Academy of Drama, where Zhang Ziyi, Vicky Zhao and Wen Jiang had studied before. She used "breakthrough" to describe her life back then, "At the time, my family did not support me at all, but I wanted to prove my abilities through action."

After she graduated in 2009, she worked as a full time actress at the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre and then entered TVB in 2011. She expressed: "At first, switching from the stage to television, I could not adapt to it. Stage acting requires exaggerated bodily motion and facial expressions, but it becomes over exaggerated when used in television series." Wei Wei's acting in her debut TVB sitcom Til Love Do Us Lie as Suen Ling On (June) still had the 'theatre' shadow, but she gradually broke away from that type of acting in her other series Missing You and The Days of Days. She was also fortunate to have participated in an over 100 episodes sitcom, where she learned a lesson. She said: "I think we shouldn't compare to other people, just focus on my own work and just so long as each performance shows improvement compared to the previous one. I'm lucky to have a bunch of good artists around me, just like The Days of Days, Raymond Wong and I have the most scenes and he brought me into character. We usually discuss on how to portray the role, which helped me get into character faster."

It's been 2 years since Wei Wei been with TVB, asked if she got the results she expected to have? She said: "That day when I entered TVB, I hoped to absorb experience outside of the theatre. In the past 2 years, every time a series broadcasts, audience would give me their opinions. Whether if those opinions are positive or negative, I am willing to accept them all. Til When Do Us Lie's Suen Ling On (June), Missing You's Ting Fan Chi (Vincci), The Days of Days' Tong Nga Man and the currently filming Unrequited Love in Two Cities' Ching Jin Jan, each role is different. In each role, I'm able to experience different lives. I am a person with high expectations on myself, I strive to do my best in every series, but this also puts invisible pressure on me. I'm currently learning to relax myself. Sometimes when I'm stressed out, I would go take a stroll at the beach and this relaxes me. My current goal is just as long as my performance improved from the previous one, then that works for me. I try to the best of my ability to do the best in every series. As for other matters, just take it slowly." She also claimed she's a person filled with positive energy and believes whatever difficulties she encounters in this industry, she will be able to get through it smoothly.


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