Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ekin Cheng & Yoyo Mung “EY” Secretly Married in Japan

Ekin Cheng announced on Weibo, he married girlfriend Yoyo Mung in Japan! Ekin's manager (Lam San San) confirmed the good news, she said the wedding was a complete secret, but it was a very touching. Lan San San said: "I got a surprised invitation to the wedding, we (the guests) just found out probably about a month ago. Ekin asked if we had time for dinner, then later he asked again if we had time for dinner in Tokyo? Based on Ekin's personality, we knew there was something big happening, but we didn't dare to ask him. We just booked the flight and hotel separately, so we all didn't really know where we were suppose to go. It wasn't until we got there, Ekin told us there will be bus to take us to an ancient looking restaurant. Inside, there were really pretty flowers, it was a really small scaled and simple wedding party. We had a French meal and then the newly weds made a speech of their feelings. Yoyo started crying as soon as sje started speaking. As for Ekin, you wouldn't believe it, he cried even harder and couldn't stop either. They just thanked us for coming on short notice, but we didn't know what gift to get the couple since it was so sudden. Whatever comes toind, then we'll buy and give it to them immediately! The most touching was when Ekin called Yoyo 'Ah So' (wife), then Ah Lo (Jerry Lamb) and Chan Kwong Wing called her 'Ah So'. That ended the beautiful evening." Also, Lam San San reveals: "It had been snowing in Tokyo, but once their wedding started, the snow stopped. Really have to thank God. I respect the couple's wish of keeping their private lives low-profile, after all it was a very touching wedding. The majority of the guests were very moved and teared up." In the photo Lam San San shared with the media, Ekin had a tuxedo on and Yoyo had a low cut wedding dress.

On Weibo, Ekin posted a photo of two teddy bears with the letters "E" and "Y" on the bears' feet. The EY represents Ekin and Yoyo. After Ekin's Weibo announcement, his wife Yoyo replied sweetly! Good friends from the industry such as ShuQi, Bonnie Chiu, Christine Ng and many more congratulated the newly wedded! In other news, all along the media reported Yoyo was born in 1975, but according to the Japanese marriage certificate, she is actually born in 1973. Ekin will resume work on Saturday and attend a show in Macau with his "Young&Dangerous" brother Jordan Chan.


Chin Ka Lok: He was so secretive on Weibo, Ekin had always kept his private life low-profiled. There has been so many good news lately, Jordan [and Timmy Hung] became fathers, and now Ekin's married. (How would you rate this 'Ah So' Yoyo Mung?) To able to tie up 'Chan Ho Nam', she gets 100%! We'll catch up when they get back!

Chris Lai: I already knew about this, but I couldn't go because of filming. I know they wanted to plan a really memorable wedding. I'm very good friends with them, so I'm sad I wasn't able to go. Wait until they come back, I'll pick out a really good wedding gift for them.

Leo Ku: My heart is so moved! Congrats to my good brother and 'Ah So'. This day has finally come! They remind of one of Ekin's songs Only Love You For Life. I listened to this song today and there's so much feel.

Michael Tse: I'm happy for them. Tell them to hurry up and come back to HK, so we can have a wedding banquet here! (Rush them to have a baby?) Let them think about it themselves, I'm not their parents. Jordan is going to be a father soon, now he's married. It's truly double happiness!

Bobby Au-Yeung: Wah! Finally got married, that's great, love blossomed! I know them both very well, they love to play games and do physical activity. Congrats to them!

Jordan Chan: I just came back from Shanghai and found out about the good news. He already congratulated me for becoming father, I need to congratulate him for getting married as well.

William So: Wish the couple together forever, I waited for this day for too long. My neck grew long from waiting so long. Ekin is basically a big kid, can Yoyo withstand him? If they have a baby too, it will be difficult to handle two kids! Children are not as important, the most important is their happiness.

Miriam Yeung: Congrats to Ekin. He's always going to those pilgrimage holy places. I hope they get a baby soon, should have one while they're still young. The earlier, the happier.

Ella Koon: Congrats to them, wish them together forever. I remember my first time collaborating with Yoyo. On the first day, first scene, I had to scream at her, calling her "Bat Por"!

Joey Yung: He really loves Japan. (Save on the money gift?) Oh yeah, just in time for Lunar New Year, I can get his red envelopes. Every year, we all go to friends house to send new year greetings. I'm happy for Ekin.

Ekin's ex-girlfriends - Gigi Leung, Maggie Siu and Maria Lai were happy for Ekin and congratulated him.

Gigi Leung: "Congrats from the bottom of my heart. When I heard the good news, I was really happy for them. I dedicate my song Exchange Treaties (換約) to them because this song is about marriage. I wish them together forever!"

Maggie Siu: Congratulations. I am not surprised they suddenly got married nor am I surprised they got married in Japan because Ekin had always loved Japan and this fits his low-profile personality."

Maria Lai: He's so secretive. I think just friends within the industry knew about it. He always used to say he didn't want to get married or have children, but now he's already married. I see he changed his mind and would want children! Every individual should do this at some point in their lives in order to maintain the relationship between two people.


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