Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Charmaine Sheh Praises Eliza Sam's High Acting Flexibility

Yesterday Charmaine Sheh and Eliza Sam (Heung Heung) attended cosmetic brand Lancome's ribbon-cutting ceremony in Macau. During the time, a butterfly suddenly flew over to Charmaine, but then landed on Heung Heung's chest instead. Charmaine patted her chest to calm herself down, while Heung Heung had a shocked expression when the butterfly landed on her.

When speaking of Heung Heung's portrayal of the young version Mimi Chu in new series Inbound Troubles, she smiled and said Mimi played her mother in another series, so they have quite a bit of fate. She laughed and said: "Mimi and I really do look alike!" One time Mimi asked her: "Are you the pirated version of me?"

Charmaine praised Heung Heung's high acting flexibility and has hope to become one of the top FaDans. It was rumored TVB invited Dayo Wong back to shoot a series and used Charmaine's partnership with him to entice him to sign a contract? Charmaine expressed she still has a contract with TVB and hopes to collaborate with Dayo again. Earlier Bowie Lam criticized TVB is running out of people, even singer Ivana Wong has to film a series. Charmaine said: "Those are two separate and unrelated matters. Ivana did a great job, she's so cute and a singer filming a series can increase the sparks. Back then, I collaborated with Ekin Cheng too. (It was rumored EEG Motion Pictures invited you to join them?) They have contacted me, but whether I shoot a series or movie, it depends on the script. Nowadays, I'm more about the quality rather than quantity."


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