Friday, January 18, 2013

Niki Chow Suffers Through 6 Shots to Treat Bacterial Infection

A few days ago, Niki Chow attended the HKTDC World Boutique Fashion Fair. Niki expressed she rushed to this event from the hospital because she didn't want to be absent on short notice, so she insisted on attending. The professional Niki had a hoarse voice, she explained she was running a high fever that wouldn't go away. At first, she thought it was the flu, but later at the hospital, the doctor said she had bacterial infection and had to get 6 shots to treat it. The Niki who rarely gets sick laughed: "Getting an IV at the hospital sometimes, just think of it as recuperating my body. I have to go back to the hospital after this, I feel like I'm a vehicle getting maintenance." When asked if its because she played too hard at her sister's (Kathy Chow) wedding? She laughed and said its possible.


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