Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ekin Cheng brings wife Yoyo Mung Back to HK & Apologizes to His 'Brothers'

The newly wedded couple Ekin Cheng and Yoyo Mung secretly got married on January 28th at an ancient palace in Tokyo. After their three day honeymoon, the couple returned to HK at 8pm last night. They appeared at the airport ten fingers interlocked and were greeted by 500 reporters. Mrs. Cheng had a sweet smile on her face the entire time and left the majority of the question answering to her husband. The two stood still for pictures and when asked about how they're feeling after marriage? Ekin joked: "We already expressed it just now." Yoyo added with a wide smile: "Happy!"

When Ekin learned he 'offended' his friends by having such a low-profile marriage, he apologized several times. Ekin said: "I have to apologize to many of my friends because I wasn't able to invite some of them." He made a special apologize to Wilson Chin: "Because I knew he has to wrap up with the Lunar New Year film and is very busy, so I didn't dare to tell him."

Asked if they're planning to make up for it and hold a wedding party in HK? Ekin joked: "Huh? Another one?! You're kidding me!" Ekin explained the reason why he chose to hold the wedding in Tokyo was because his first vacation with Yoyo was to Tokyo. He plans on seeking for another special place in HK to make up the marriage formalities. It was exposed Ekin cried a lot during the wedding? He laughed: "It's just to have something to write about. I smile when I'm happy. The most emotional moment in the course of events now.

Yoyo laughed and said she's not used to being called Mrs. Cheng. She joked: "Isn't it the first year we don't have to give out red envelopes?" Reporters teased she actually have to give a pair of red envelopes. Yoyo said: "Aiya, married at the wrong time!" Ekin learned from reporters that his ex-girlfriends all congratulated him, he said: "I know, thanks." His good buddy Jordan Chan announced he's going to be a father soon, asked if he plans to be a father along with him? Ekin said: "Let's see if he can handle it first!"


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