Sunday, January 6, 2013

Steven Ma Hopes to work with Tavia & Fala if Return to TVB

Yesterday Steven Ma attended a traffic safety event. When speaking of TVB executive Catherine Tsang asking him to come back for a series in May? Steven frankly expressed after he terminated his contract with TVB last February, Catherine did tried to convince him to come back to shoot a series, but he is currently unsure of his position, "We haven't discussed the details yet. (Will you go back?) There are a lot of choices now, companies from Hong Kong and Mainland have been approaching me. Catherine is my See Fu, so of course I will discuss with my See Fu first! It is not about the money, the most important is a good script and co-stars! I hope to collaborate with Fala Chen and Tavia Yeung. (Has Ricky Wong approached you too?) We have been in touch, but until I make a decision, I'm in a sensitive position. (Any interest to join HKTV and shoot refreshing themed dramas?) If I wanted to, that could be done anywhere. (Support the issue of the free TV license?) I understand TVB's approach, and I understand Ricky Wong's proactive approach. I just hope there will be healthy competition. I wish ATV the best too!"


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