Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tavia Yeung No Fear Limelight Stolen by Samantha Ko's Scene

Yesterday Tavia Yeung, Sammy Leung, Sharon Chan, Samantha Ko and the rest of the cast of TVB series Friendly Fire attended the promotional event. At the promotion, the cast played "The Best Sleeping Look" game. Sammy suddenly did a handstand and revealed his big belly, then he forgot Sharon's name and got teased by the MC Jack Wu: "You're not just depressed! You have dementia too!" Sammy was having so much fun and played hard, he later gave Michael a big kiss too.

Samantha Ko (Ko Ling) rape scene will be broadcasting on Wednesday, when the female lead, Tavia Yeung, was asked if she stole her limelight? Tavia generously said: "It's her debut scene, it's good there is noise from the public." Tavia and Michael's two minute scene was also a big hit, Tavia laughed and said that night, she tricked her mother out to dinner and prevented the mother-daughter from watching an embarrassing scene together.

Ko Ling guaranteed her scene won't be one second and said many colleagues are extremely curious on how the scene will play out. As for when she was filming the scene, she said only the necessary staff remained in the studio. She just revealed her back, everything in the front of her body was covered, even her belly button couldn't be seen. Also, the costume staff took great care of her and covered her tightly before the cameras rolled.


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