Monday, January 21, 2013

Samantha Ko - Treacherous Success

34E Samantha Ko (Ko Ling) successfully gains recognition in the entertainment circle. Since Samantha participated in Miss HK in 2008, she had been the goddess to the "HK Golden brothers" (from the popular HK Golden forum). When attending public events, Samantha is often requested to dress sexily and show off her nice body figure.

In her latest TVB series Friendly Fire, it was the opportunity for her to change her image. She even had a rape scene in the series, which caught a lot of attention. Ko Ling said without concealing: "I've long had the desire to portray this type of role and series. Of course I'm not talking about the rape scene, but I really wanted a role that I could really develop on. Usually being somebody's girlfriend, there's only on way to present that." If Ko Ling gets a role where she can display her acting skills, then she doesn't care whether there is a rape scene or not.

Goes to Thank Producer in Tears

Ko Ling's greatest weapon is her sexy body figure, but she actually hopes to wash this image away and let everyone get to know her all over again. Ko Ling's blood and sweat acting was her first step in accepting challenges. She is very grateful of Producer Man Wai Sing for casting her in this series. Ko Ling said: "People always say no matter what role it is -- a mistress, lover, girlfriend or crazy HK girl -- Ko Ling gives off a sexy feeling. But when the producer and scriptwriter watched me on the food programs, they can see the real Ko Ling actually isn't like that. At the time, I went to the producer in tears, finally someone can see that I'm not the way people think I am. It was that type of happiness when someone finally discovers the real you. I thanked them in tears." Ko Ling was finally able to put her chest away when she went for the costume tryouts.

Kiki is similar to the real Samantha

Ko Ling had resonance with her role (Kiki). Kiki's personality and family background is very similar to hers in reality. She said: "Kiki is somewhat similar to me. She grew up in poverty and lived in a rooftop hut before. When I was young, I really did live in a rooftop hut before. I struggled before too, so that's why I worked really hard in school and relied on myself to change my life. When I was portraying Kiki, it was easier for me to grasp her mentality." Ko Ling reveals her father saw her performance and ended up with teary eyes as well. She said: "Kiki's mother has a street stall, which is very similar to my mother in real life. My whole family watched this series and felt sympathy."

The controversial series Friendly Fire finally pulled down its curtains, but Ko Ling actually feels pressured, she said: "I'm currently working on two new series Will Power and Unrequited Love for Two Cities. When this series got such strong feedback, I'll be happy if the audience thinks I improved, but I don't want them to think I'm not improving. This becomes pressuring for me. My greatest hope is to get one series after another. I really anticipate a "Most Improved Actress" award nomination at this year's TVB awards based on my role in this series."


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