Thursday, January 31, 2013

Selena Li Will Marry Kenneth Ma 50 Years Later if Still Single

Kenneth Ma, Selena Li and Katy Kung attended an event in Ho Man Tin. As Patrick Tang's ex-girlfriends, Selena and Katy were not embarrassed to be at the same event at all. Selena even took her rumor with Kenneth out to joke with, she laughed: "My fans said Kenneth is the 'Best Deal' (suen poon) and told us to start dating. I told Kenneth if we're still single 50 years later, then we'll get married!"

Katy joined in on the fun and laughed she thinks Kenneth is the 'Best Deal' too. She exposed Kenneth asked for her phone number: "He told me to tell you all that he just got my phone number. We've known each other for a long time though." Earlier good friend Elaine Yiu made an innuendo about Patrick and rumored girlfriend Kayi Cheung to defend Katy. Elaine said Patrick liked to 'cut steak'. Katy said: "She (Elaine) has a very good character, we are very good friends. Thank her for trying to defend me. (Do you know if Patrick is in a relationship?) We don't keep in touch, I don't know."


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