Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Chilam Cheung Discloses Fala Chen is Everyone's "Godmother"

Chilam Cheung, Fala Chen and Samantha Ko attended a New Year's Eve countdown event hosted by Mikiki. Samantha stoe the limelight in a low-cut shoulder strapped dress and 4-inch heels despite the cold weather. Although she has been taking singing lessons for two years, she expressed she rarely performs in public, thus she was nervous and her hands were shaking. Fortunately, she didn't forget the lyrics.

Earlier Chilam and Fala had rumors, but when the two met again, they embraced one another enthusiastically and chatted nonstop. Chilam disclosed on the spot that he still owes Fala money, but later there will be a check presenting ceremony. Chilam explained: "I was shooting in France for Triumph in the Skies II with Fala and Francis Ng, we ordered a box of red wine and Fala was responsible for ordering it for us online. I still haven't paid her back yet." Chilam exposed Fala is very attentive and took good care of the entire crew, so Francis gave her a nickname "Godmother", while Chilam called her "Thousand Mother". Chilam said: "She didn't like us calling her by that nickname, makes her seem so old."

When Fala learned the 'secret' was out, she whined: "Brother (Francis) gave me that nickname, but I'm the youngest in the crew, I can't take that name. I just have a hard life, used to being an 'Ah Sei' (maid). (They complimented that you'll be a good wife?) Well you have to ask them."


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