Saturday, January 12, 2013

Raymond Lam Pockets HK$18.7 million, Unwilling to Leave TVB

Since Raymond Lam lost the TV King title last year, it was rumored he felt disappointed and despite having two years left in his TVB contract, he had already decided to retire from the industry and go back to Xiamen to help his father's family business. When TVB learned of Raymond's decision, they were nervous and quickly tried hard to persuade Raymond to reconsider.

Last night, Raymond and his dancers were rehearsing for his Hong Kong Coliseum concert at the end of this month. TVB executives Au Wai Lam, Virgina Lok and EEG executive Ng Yue made a special trip to visit him. When asked if they personally went to see Raymond to try to persuade him? Au Wai Lam said: "No because we just finished our meeting and really wanted to see Raymond! TVB loves all of their employees, I think Raymond is very serious and his dancing is pretty good. I will definitely go support him at his concert." Miss Lok said: "We are all supporting Raymond together."

Tonight, the JSG music awards will be held at TVB City. This year, it will be TVB's first time presenting the "Most Popular Male Singer" award to Raymond. It was understood, TVB helped Raymond fight for a Mainland grand production drama, he will be shooting a 30 episode costume drama Luk Siu Fung for 500,000RMB per episode (~HK$600,000, total HK$18.7 million). Recall TV King Kevin Cheng only got 350,000RMB per episode for the TV series version of Ip Man. Recently, it was rumored he would be shooting Ip Man 2 for 500,000RMB per episode, but that didn't work out, so that makes Raymond the highest earning TVB Siu Sang. Raymond is personally a fan of wuxia novels, and he's been a fan of the classic character "Luk Siu Fung" for a long time, later he will also participate in the TV series Three Kingdoms and the film General Yang. Of course Raymond will put his greatest effort into these opportunities, even if he has to stick on fake mustaches and do a lot of action scenes for costume dramas, he's not complaining at all. Also, the Mainland production companies are casting first line actresses to pair up with Raymond and plan to air his dramas during prime time hours. As this series, Luk Siu Fung, isn't starting until April, TVB gave the 'green light' in advance to let Raymond take a month off after his concert ends.

TVB is really treating him well, when asked if he'll reconsider the contract renewal decision? Raymond said: "TVB has always treated me well. We work well together in a lot of ways. After all, where ever Miss Lok goes, I will go too. (TVB helped you get a 500,000RMB/episode Mainland drama back?) I really don't know, I just know how the story and role will be like. Leave the money part to my manager. Well this role, Damian Lau portrayed before, he's a senior I really admire and he played my father before, so I will go get some advice from my father. I hope I will be able to bring a refreshing feeling to the audience."


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