Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Him Law Used "Gu Wak" (Crafty) Tactics to Pursue Tavia Yeung

Young and Dangerous Reloaded starring Him Law, Oscar Leung, Sammy Shum, Philip Ng, Jacqueline Chong and Paul Wong held its film premiere yesterday. TVB executive Virgina Lok and a group of artists including Michael Miu and his wife Jamie Chik, Christine Kuo, Toby Chan and Grace Wong all went to support them. At one point, Ricky Wong's HKTV artist Felix Wong was standing near Virgina Lok, but he did not look too happy.

Him expressed he's nervous to get his "report card". When asked if he asked rumored girlfriend Tavia Yeung for acting advice to portray his role as Chan Ho Nam? He said: "Nope! This is a film concentrated on guys, so I would the guys. (Ask her how you could be more Man?) I portrayed the role based on my own feelings. (Buy tickets and watch the film with her?) I believe she'll support the films I'm in! (Beating Ekin Cheng is the status she wants in her heart?) You help me ask her! I don't dare to ask her myself." Michael Miu later joked on a radio interview: "If Him wasn't 'gu wak' (crafty), he wouldn't have been able to get Tavia Yeung!"

Surrounded by gossips and a lawsuit, Oscar Leung, appeared to be in a great mood. Off stage, he was dancing with joy and played with his phone with Felix Wong's daughter. He expressed he wants to get justice for himself. When asked how much money he spent on the lawsuit? He said: "I don't know yet, probably around 6 figures, but I don't need to borrow money from friends yet. (Wong Jing said he's no longer signing [the contract] with you, instead you get a 'per film' contract?) I hope he changes his mind!"

Race Wong was rumored to have been the third party in between Philip Ng and Linda Chung's relationship. Philip expressed he hasn't seen Race for several months. Asked if he comforted Race after her break up? He said: "Nothing special, just friends talking. (Does Linda know?) Why wouldn't she?" Implying his relationship with Linda didn't change.


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