Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vivian Chow seen shopping with a 'mysterious man'

The '˜90s screen sweetheart was spotted at an outing with a 'mysterious man' in Hong Kong

Hong Kong singer-actress Vivian Chow was recently pictured shopping in a mall in Central, Hong Kong, with an unidentified man. Her husband Joe Nieh was not seen at the outing and Vivian's shopping companion was described as a 'stylish bespectacled man'.

Vivian and the 'mysterious man' entered a luxury store together, and the singer walked out of the shop carrying a bag of purchases 20 minutes later. Interaction between the two was said to be close and natural as Vivian reportedly wore a bright smile on her face while chatting with her companion. Masked by a pair of shades, she left the mall under his escort.

In other related news, Vivian has been making frequent appearances as guest stars at her celebrity friends' concerts lately. Her well-maintained looks and figure solidified her position as the envy of ladies and the timeless 'dream girl' of men, even as the former screen sweetheart turns 45 this year.


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