Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Raymond Lam Exhausted from Concert Dance Rehearsals

Last night, Raymond Lam was rehearsing for his HK Coliseum concert A TIME 4 YOU held this Saturday (1/27th). This is his 4th HK Coliseum concert, but after he finishes this concert, he will temporarily say goodbye to the stage and take 1-2 year break from the music scene. In order to leave the most perfect "Fung" moments to his fans, Raymond has been rehearsing his singing and dancing from morning to night. That day, Mainland actress Eva Huang made a special trip to visit and support Raymond at the recording studio. The two had previously collaborated in a film before and once they met, they were chatting nonstop. They're such good buddies!

Raymond revealed this time, he'll be showing off his dancing skills on the stage. Just the dance rehearsal took away all his physical energy, he said: "This time, there will be a lot of dances. After the dance rehearsals, in the evenings, I go to the band rehearsals. I just felt like I didn't have much physical energy left and just had to eat beef flank rice. I was eating and rehearsing at the same time." He joked he's afraid he might faint when he gets on stage: "After so many years, this is the one time where I had to use the most physical strength. (Are you worried you might get fat from eating so much?) If I don't eat, then I'll really collapse on the stage."

As for his guest performers, Raymond revealed he invited Taiwanese boy band LOLLIPOP F as guests for his first show. He said: "Because earlier at the music awards, I had a good time chatting with them. Also, they are a dance group, I'm quite familiar with one of the members A-Wei (Wayne). Before when I was working in Hengdian, he was in Hengdian too and I told him to come play with us." When asked if its because Lollipop F helped him take the "Asian-Pacific Most Popular Male Singer" award, so he's returning a favor and invited them to his concert? Raymond immediately denied: "A-Wei and I have always been in touch. Six months ago, I already suggested to my company to invite them. I have a lot of dancing parts in the concert, and they're a dance group, so there should be quite of bit of sparks." Asked if he invited rumored girlfriend Karena Ng to watch the show? Raymond frankly expressed he did: "I've invited everyone who I know within the industry."


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