Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Show Luo: Vivian Chow was my dream girl

Taiwanese artiste Show Luo wrapped up four gigs at the Hong Kong Coliseum with much aplomb over the weekend. His series of concerts featured a glitzy line-up of Hong Kong stars such as Jimmy Lin, Alex To, and ‘90s screen sweetheart Vivian Chow.

Well known for her ladylike image, Vivian was the guest performer for the his third show where he confessed that the singer-actress was his dream girl during his teenage days.

“When Vivian released her first album in Taiwan in 1992, I fantasised that she was my girlfriend and pasted her photos all over my room,” the 33-year-old admitted.

According to media reports, Show was too shy to maintain eye contact with Vivian throughout their rehearsal sessions. He turned green with envy when his assistant and the make-up artists took turns to take photos with the star, and exclaimed, “Great! All of you are ignoring my existence!”

Besides presenting his “dream girl” with a stalk of rose during the concert, Show teasingly attempted to give Vivian a peck on her hands, but ended up kissing his own hand instead.

He was taken aback when Vivian offered a hug after performing the duet ‘Love Expert’. The startled star, who hurriedly wiped off his sweat as he went forth to claim his hug, morphed into fanboy and collapsed on the floor afterwards.

The “Asian Dance King” brought laughter to the arena when he held Vivian’s hands and gave a shout-out to his mother. He hollered, “This is the first time I’m bringing you [Vivian] to meet my mum.”


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