Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wayne Lai So Lucky in New Series - Two Girls Fighting Over Him

Yesterday Wayne Lai, Edwin Siu, Natalie Tong, Pierre Ngo, Corinna Chamberlain, and Sire Ma took part in TVB new series Bullet Brain's promotional event.

There has been wide rumors that Joel Chan and the 'King of Gamble' Stanley Ho's daughter (Florinda Ho) broke up. TVB's golden producer Lee Tim Shing had worked with Joel before and is still very interested in working with him again. Yesterday at the event, Tim Gor expressed he will definitely use Joel again in his future series and is not worried about his damaged reputation. He said: "Holy roles does not work well with Joel, he's most suitable for those weird or bizarre roles."

In the series, Wayne plays a detective with an extreme character. He said he had never played such role before and it was very challenging. However, he's not sure of the audience reaction yet. The lead actresses Natalie Tong and Sire Ma will be fighting over Wayne in the series. Wayne's co-stars are getting younger and younger, even he admitted he's very lucky.

Corinna plays Pierre's wife and will have a kiss scene. In one of the photos from their kiss, there are speculations that Pierre had his hand on Corinna's chest. Yesterday Corinna disclosed she gave her first on-screen kiss to Pierre and praised that he's a handsome guy. She was nervous too when she was filming that scene. When asked if Pierre touched her chest? She expressed he did not touch the sensitive parts and Pierre is very respectful of female artists. They communicated throughout the shoot.

Pierre was asked if he had contact with Corinna's chest during the filming of the kiss scene? He said he didn't, perhaps the misunderstand came from the angle of the photo.

Edwin expressed Gigi Ho is still her "rumored girlfriend". Earlier they were spotted together at the Sha Tin Racecourse, but there was actually many other friends with them. He disclosed Gigi plans to purchase a horse and become a horse owner. Edwin expressed he will give both his spiritual and financial support.


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