Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gigi Ho Spotted Publicly with Edwin Siu, Dodges Him Instantly

Edwin Siu finally gains recognition after working at TVB for several years. He has been in a relationship with former RTHK host, Gigi Ho, for two years and despite often spotted together, the two were never willing to admit the relationship. Even if they were seen 'sticking together' at Stefan Huynh's wedding earlier, they still insisted that they're "just friends". However, their relationship is an open secret in the industry. It was reported Gigi's horse owner father overly protects his daughter and hopes she marries a good man. Since Gigi's father hasn't really interacted with Edwin before, it appears he isn't too satisfied with him. Recently Edwin's career has been on the rise and a month ago, he purchased a HK$4 million home, but that still wasn't enough to please his 'future father-in-law' and he'll have to work harder.

Yesterday reporters spotted Edwin with Gigi and her younger sister Lily Ho, Johnson Lee and Matthew Ko at the Sha Tin Racecourse to support the horse owners. At first, Edwin and Gigi interacted closely, often taking out their phones to take pictures, but once they got to the lobby and discovered reporters around, Gigi immediately kept her distance. She left her 'boyfriend' with her sister and the others. Edwin later withdrew from the group, went around in a huge circle before joining the group again. They were unwilling to take pictures together to publicly acknowledge their relationship.

Later Edwin and Gigi accepted separate phone interviews. Asked why was there avoidance? Edwin said: 'Probably because we had some news earlier, so she (Gigi) wanted to keep some distance. (Haven't seen Gigi's father?) I'm not sure, you will have to ask them. Maybe he's been busy. (Supporting Gigi's father at the Racecourse?) Nope, my friend has a horse racing, so we met up to go support him. I rarely go into the Racecourse, the two sisters goes more often. (The rumors hasn't affected your relationship with Gigi?) There wasn't even one! Forget it!" Edwin didn't forget to add "Uncle" (Gigi's father) is a nice person and he has told him a lot about horses; he learned a lot from her father.

Gigi disclosed, her father was there too, but they were each with their own group of friends, so didn't see one another. "We weren't at the same place at the Racecourse, so didn't meet each other. (Daddy dislikes you dating Edwin?) No, don't say that. He had always given freedom to my sister and I. Don't ask personal questions. (Do you want to marry a rich man?) He's not that person. I've been involved in the horse industry since I was 19, so my knowledge on horse isn't from now!"


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