Thursday, April 11, 2013

Husband Surrounded by Girls, Christine Ng: He Cheats, I Leave

"Miss 5" Christine Ng has been feeling excited lately because her new series Beauty At War is airing on April 22nd. War and Beauty was a huge hit back in 2004 and now that the sequel is finally airing, as one of the female leads, of course Christine is feeling anxious.

Christine frankly expressed she personally enjoyed watching War and Beauty and this time, she's apart of the sequel and feels especially excited. "I've always been a Jonathan Chik fan. I had already noticed him from the films he produced in his early years, but after so many years we only collaborated in ATV's The Movie Tycoon (1994); TVB's Cold Blood Warm Heart (1995) and CIB Files (2006), and still didn't really know each other well. This time, because the script was written on the spot, we had more opportunities to chat and get to know each other more."

Christine described her role 'Shun Tai Fei' (Consort Shun) as a woman with heavy resentment because right after she married the Emperor, he dies and she immediately turned into a widow. Because she had never been loved or got favored by the emperor, she turned into a ruthless woman, the one causing all the trouble in the palace. In reality, Christine has been happily married to her husband Kasey Lin for 14 years and had always maintained an energetic and positive attitude. She frankly expressed because her role is the complete opposite of herself, it was a challenge for her. "Usually when I start a new series, I do my preparations half a month before, but this time I spent 2 months prior to do the outline for the role. I watched the original War and Beauty and watched several other palace related dramas to use as reference. At home, I practiced how to walk with the shoes from the Qing dynasty and because I knew the script would be written as we are filming, I just had to practice my walking and then focus on my lines. But, honestly this time around it was quite difficult for me. The dialogue was really long, the language was too complex, I didn't even know some of the words and to top it off, the script wasn't complete before we started filming. That period, I really felt like I was taking exams, I had to memorize my lines every night. It was so stressful."

Christine expressed this is the most difficult series that she has ever worked on, but she didn't get depression like Sheren Tang did. "I really didn't think Sheren had any issues though! Perhaps because, that time we were all just so concentrated in memorizing our own lines, so all got anxious! I'm personally quite positive, very optimistic and I have never gotten so into character that my mental health gets affected too. (When you go home and see your husband, you forget everything?) This time, it has nothing to do with him! Its when I see my two beloved cats so cute, they made me so happy that I forget everything!"

When speaking of her husband Kasey, he makes surprise visits to the set and constantly takes pictures of his wife. In reality, Christine is certain she won't be a distressed woman. She laughed: "I'm not that stupid, I let all my unhappiness out! (You have such a great husband, there must be a lot of girls surrounding him?) If there are, that's normal. This means I have good taste! (Kasey cuts in: I don't let anyone get near me!) If he really does find true love, I would let him leave and won't stop him. I believe he would do the same for me. It's been so many years, we have mutual trust. We respect each other, so there won't be any 'imperial orders' nor do we check on one another. We take initiative to report of our whereabouts because we don't want the other to worry. All along, he has never done anything that crosses the line."


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