Thursday, April 25, 2013

Natalie Tong Locks Herself in Bathroom 180 minutes: "I Wanted to Die"

Natalie Tong had always had the gentle and refined image, but this time she has a breakthrough in TVB series Bullet Brain. She plays Detective Columbo's (Wayne Lai) first love, "Mui Mui". Last week on the series, Natalie appeared like a female ghost dressed in red and coupled with her Schizophrenic behaviors, the audience felt the chills, but many have praised the major improvements in her acting.

Natalie revealed in order to get into character she locked herself up for 180 minutes: "Mui Mui was trapped in a dungeon for 3 years, but I personally never had that kind of experience in real life. I tried locking myself up in the bathroom. After the first half hour, I already felt like I wanted to die. I didn't know was going on in the outside world, I had a lot to think about while in the bathroom. This role has such a miserable background."

"Mui Mui" is 41 years old, but Natalie is only 31 in real life, so in order to convince the audience, she relied on the costumes and 'sacrificed' a little. She laughed: "I used glue to create a lot of wrinkles. My costume really helped a lot, allowing me to get more into character. (Glue really damages the skin though?) Indeed, I got a few more wrinkles after. It took me two hours to do the makeup and then I had endured through a whole day of filming. The crew tried their best to let me slack one day, just film two scenes and then I could go rest." Asked if she has the courage to portray an older role again? Natalie sighed and then laughed: "I really don't know. I dare not to think about it."


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