Monday, April 29, 2013

'Bullet Brain' Doing Poorly, Sire Ma: I Have No Regrets

Sire Ma, Wayne Lai and Natalie Tong's TVB series Bullet Brain has not been getting ideal TV ratings. Producer Lee Tim Shing frankly expressed he does feel unhappy: "I'll be lying to you if I said no! We reflected on this before, it turns out having the audience sit still and watch a TV series in 2013 is not possible. Even my TV series fans/friends have said they didn't understand [the story]. I just wanted to put my efforts into producing a new type of series, but the housewives miss a few episodes and won't understand what's going on. I won't blame anyone, I just feel a little unhappy inside. I told Wayne Lai and Pierre Ngo not to feel disappointed. (Old cat burns its whiskers?) I can't concede, traditional things, I don't know how to do."

As the artist, Sire Ma enjoyed the filming process: "I am inexperienced, but I try my best in every performance. The sentimental and action scenes were a challenge to me. I have no regrets. (The public wants to cut the series?) That is not my decision. I cannot control the TV ratings and the public's reaction." Wayne Lai expressed if everyone believes its not good, then do better next time. In the series, Natalie isn't selling her pretty face, rather her 'rotten face', she expressed Bullet Brain is a new attempt. She said: "Perhaps people like me as a well-behaved girl more, and its difficult for the audience to accept something new. It requires slow adjustment. There will only be improvements when there are criticisms."


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