Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sire Ma Loves Wayne Lai Both In and Out of the Drama

In TVB series Bullet Brain, Wayne Lai and rising FaDan Sire Ma develop a romantic relationship. Although this pair do not look matching at all, Wayne insisted its very reasonable. Sire loves Wayne both in and out of the series disclosing she's a young fan of Wayne's.

Wayne expressed Bullet Brain is not your typical TVB drama. It does not follow a sequential plot and leaves the audience guessing. There won't be an explanation until the later episodes. Wayne actually prefers this style to describe a story. The scene where Wayne plays the guitar to please Sire was said to have been too mushy, but he feels that was a wise arrangement. He expressed Detective Columbo often has tricks up his sleeve, making it reasonable for a young adult to like someone older. Sire Ma's role is that kind of person, who can easily be deceived.

Sire disclosed she extremely admires Wayne in the series, but she's actually a 'Wayne fan' herself in real life. When she first found out she was collaborating with him, she was so happy. Sire said: "It feels relaxing and comforting working with Wayne. He gives me advice in many areas. What I gained most from him was his rhythm. This is a rare experience."

Aside from having to handle fighting scenes, Sire also had to break through her fear of snakes and roaches because she had to film with those creatures around. Even Wayne praised her bravery. Whether if its the roaches crawling up under her dress or the snake slithering on her thigh, Sire bit her teeth tightly and did the scenes herself. "I was really scared, but that's the beauty of acting, you can try out so many different things from your roles. You just bite your teeth and do it. This is also another experience for me."


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