Friday, April 19, 2013

Eric Tsang apologises for wild bash

Eric Tsang recently apologised for his conduct and for his friends' behaviour during the wild party he organised for his birthday. The actor was criticised for spoiling the image of the children-friendly Hong Kong Disneyland because of the event.

According to Asianpopnews website, while attending a Caring for Children Foundation's Sesame Street musical publicity event on 16 April, the actor dismissed the notion that his actions at his birthday party were a bad influence to children, and clarified that the party only started after 10 PM when all the them were sent off the Disneyland grounds.

The actor stated, "I thought it was a private party. We only partied wildly after we closed the doors to the public. This is my way of expressing myself. I am a big kid and I love to party so hard that even Anita Mui used to scold me about it. I often ask people not to send me to the stage because I always sing songs with lots of expletives."

However, Eric still apologised for his behaviour. The actor also denied that he has made insinuations in his party that Charmaine Sheh loves to use foul language in her speeches. He further added that he was only rapping meaninglessly.

He added, "I just love to live in the moment, and I forgot everything that had been done at the party once it ended."

Regarding the fact that they broke the no-smoking regulation, Eric admitted that he was the one who broke the rule by asking everyone not to smoke outside the banquet ballroom as reporters might take photographs and spoil the image of Disneyland.


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