Saturday, April 6, 2013

Heavily Promoted Priscilla Wong Claims Can Really Endure Through Difficulty

Priscilla Wong became a 'goddess' after appearing in TVB series Reality Check. She is currently one of the heavily promoted artists, accepting series after series. Earlier she was shooting a rain scene for new costume series The Tongue Sword Courtroom with Grace Wong and Cheung Wing Hong in Yuen Long. The scene was about Priscilla sitting in the rain bidding farewell to her first love, Cheung Wing Hong. Although the crew went prepared with a truck to create the rain effect, a real rain storm started pouring during the actual filming, which left Priscilla completely soaked.

Then Priscilla had to do a scene where she carelessly trips on the mud, but she didn't think twice before body slamming herself on the mud puddle. She was covered in mud and looked very filthy. The muddy liquid also got on her face and eyes. When this scene airs, her male fans would definitely feel pity for their 'goddess'. Priscilla was later asked whether she felt this scene was difficult and is she worried she may catch a cold from the rain? She said: "No fear, I can endure through a lot!" She frankly expressed she's used to traveling around many countries, so she can really endure through difficult times. That day during filming, she did not prepare an extra underwear to change, so she hoped she could complete the scene in one take because she wouldn't have another costume to change into.

After joining TVB, she's been highly regarded? Priscilla said: "There is nothing about heavy promotion or not, just merely the opportunity to continue to be an actress. (Pressure?) Honestly, no. I am not a person who thinks about tomorrow, I just want to get through today first. When I complete this series, I don't even know if I'll have the chance to participate in the next one. If not, then I'll just pack my bags and go on vacation. I'm very optimistic."

As a 'senior' to Priscilla, Grace Wong praised her acting is natural. "We are having a pleasant collaboration; we provide mutual support." When asked whether she feels threatened because Priscilla is getting heavier promotion? Grace said: "How so? Each actress has their own distinct aspect, every producer has a different impression on artists. This time, I'm portraying a cute and pitiful character."


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