Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sire Ma's Maid Steals HK$3,000 from Bank Account, Sentenced 1 Month Jail Time

The Bullet Brain actress, Sire Ma, trusted her Indonesian maid and gave the maid her ATM pin number, so whenever she needs to withdraw money, the Indonesian maid could help her do so. Unfortunately, the Indonesian maid withdrew HK$3,000 from Sire's bank account for her personal use. Yesterday the Kwun Tong Magistrates' Court confirmed there were two cases of larceny and the defendant was sentenced to 1 month in jail. The HK$3,000 was returned to Sire Ma.

The defendant, 29 year old Ana Nurhasanah's lawyer disclosed Sire had already fired her. It all started in January when Sire hired the defendant. Sire gave her Hang Seng Bank ATM card pin number to the defendant, but she kept the ATM card herself and whenever necessary, she would give the card to the defendant to withdraw money on her behalf. On April 26th, Sire checked her bank statements and realized HK$2,000 disappeared, but the ATM card was still in her wallet. The next day, Sire discovered another HK$1,000 withdrawn from her account and this time, her ATM card was missing from her wallet.

Sire called the police on April 28th and got a WhatsApp message from the defendant. The defendant admitted she withdrew HK$3,000 from Sire's bank account. Police arrested the defendant and found Sire's ATM card under the defendant's bed.

Considers Rehiring the Defendant

Yesterday Sire accepted a phone interview, she expressed this incident happened several days ago. She said unhappy: "I'm living alone in Hong Kong. She worked for me for 3 months and handled all my daily necessities. I really trusted her. A month ago, I was too busy, so I asked her to help me withdraw some money, so she knows my ATM card pin number. I couldn't believe she stole my ATM card twice to withdraw money from my account for her personal use. The first time was HK$2,000, then she took another HK$1,000 and it was then I discovered my ATM card was missing. I asked her, but she did not admit it. I had no other choice but to call the police. She searched through my room and kitchen, she went through my clothes, handbag and makeup products. It turns out, she hid the card when I wasn't aware. I just feel very disappointed."

Sire believes many Hong Kong families hire maids. "We live in the same house; we have a close relationship, like family. I hope she learned a lesson from this incident. Stealing is a very stupid action, don't go and destroy your future. When she comes out, I will talk to her again. If she's willing to change, I will consider hiring her again. I know she has a [5 year old] son in Indonesia. If she doesn't have a job, that would be a huge financial impact on her. I hope I can help her. The most important is she cannot break the law again."

Difficult time getting out of character

In other news, Sire's current series Bullet Brain is suffering from heavy criticisms and the audience dislike her character. She said: "When I accepted this series, I already knew it differs from other TVB series. I didn't think too much, I just concentrated on my performance. My character went through several sudden and unexpected negative impact. There was one time, I had a difficult time getting out of character because I was too absorbed in the character. It was difficult emotionally. After I finished shooting this series, I took a month off, but I learned a lot from this experience and I have tried my best."


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