Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fala Chen's Contract Expires in May, TVB Offers 8 Figures for Her to Stay

Following 'First Sister' Charmaine Sheh ending her 'biological daughter' relationship with TVB, the company has been actively trying to keep their front line artists. TVB FaDan Fala Chen is rumored to be the next artist leaving. Fala's contract is expiring next month, but because Fala is not participating in any series for the rest of the year, it was rumored she is not planning to renew her contract. It was understood, TVB offered her 8 figures to stay, but Fala still hasn't made her decision yet.

According to a person working in TVB, Fala has successfully gained recognition and has very good 'audience fate'. In the past years, she's been given many other jobs such as commercials and shows, and earned a lot of money for her company. Also, she's a rare actress with fluent Mandarin, Cantonese and English, so many production companies in Mainland are interested in her. In the last three years, Fala has been accepting series after series, but we really haven't seen her working in Mainland like the other FaDans like Kate Tsui, Myolie Wu and Tavia Yeung. Actually, her opportunities went to waste time after time. Aside from the Mainland market, it turns out Hollywood film 007 secretly came to HK for auditions before, and Fala was the only TVB FaDan invited to participate in the auditions. At that time, several other western films had interest in Fala as well.

Taking Acting Lessons in New York

Fala had always been very conservative and she still has a month left before her TVB contract expires, but she still has not made a move. Reporters contacted Fala to confirm, she did not respond directly: "During this time, I have to talk to TVB about the contract. At this point, nothing is confirmed. I've been with TVB for 8 years, and really hope to maintain our good relationship. There is nothing unhappy that happened, it is just that I've been filming series for so many years, I just want some time off. (Why did you decide to go back and study?) I'm going to the U.S for continual studies. I've already registered for an acting class in New York and really want to expand my knowledge base. After all, since I graduated from university, my first job was at TVB. Since I entered the industry, I've only been filming TVB series and because TVB's series have their own style and beat, I started off with no knowledge, then TVB gave me a lot more opportunities and allowed me to understand what acting was all about. Now that I've been acting for a period of time, I believe there is a different way to act out each and every scene; sometimes I'm able to grasp it and other times I'm unable to. When I get off work and go home, I would regret not using a certain method to do the scene, then I start thinking that I'm lacking something inside. Especially in the last two years where I worked with many seniors and good partners. We go into detailed discussions on acting and I've read a lot of books on acting. However, books are always going to different from actual practice, so I've always wanted to leave the recording studio and go to different stages to perform to increase my self-value. I've been preparing for several years and mentioned this to TVB, so I'm taking this opportunity to go refresh myself a little."

It was rumored TVB offered her 8 figures to stay, does Fala feel the salary is the most important factor? She said: "I cannot comment too much on the salary, but I personally believe the most important is the opportunity for a good performance. To me, it is more important to have a new challenging role. (Is it because you'll be a wealthy wife?) Not related at all. I have high expectations on my work, I really want to have more good productions for everyone to see." Is Fala considering to go out and work elsewhere? Fala paused for a moment: "I've been working continuously in the past several years, every day was a sufficient day. I haven't really thought about this question, this is a very good time for me to think clearly about my direction and path to follow."


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