Friday, April 19, 2013

Kathy Chow wants no marriage

She has been in a stable relationship for ten years with her Beijing boyfriend, but 46-year-old Kathy Chow has no plans to get married.

According to Jayne Stars website, the actress recently expressed, "I already have a family! My parents did not rush me to get married. They just want their daughter to be happy. We have been together for ten years. The wedding certificate is not important to us anymore, and all that matters now is that we get along happily."

When asked about children, Kathy replied that they never thought about having children, therefore find it unnecessary to get married.
However, Kathy revealed that despite their final agreement to not get married, it was not the case initially, as Kathy had rejected several of Mr. Liu's proposals in the past.

"He proposed to me several times before, but I never responded to them. He gave up in the end. It's the 21st century now; marriage isn't as important as it used to be. I've already gone through that age of fantasising."

Kathy also stated, "You need to be in the right mindset in order to be happy. I am a very simple person and am very easy to please. Even small things like treating me candy can get me very happy."

Kathy Chow met her boyfriend, Mr. Liu when she relocated her acting career to Beijing in the late 1990s and was introduced by a mutual friend. Despite Liu being seven years younger than she is, Kathy believed that he is more mature than his age and knew she had found her Mr. Right.


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