Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Singer Sita Chan Dies From Serious Traffic Accident

Today at 2AM there was a serious traffic accident that occurred in Yau Ma Tei involving 26 year old singer Sita Chan. She was rushed to the Kwong Wah Hospital for immediate rescue, but unfortunately at 4:16AM, she passed away. The news shocked the entertainment circle. Sita's record company Sun Entertainment Culture, issued a written statement this morning expressing their condolence to Sita's accidental death. Sita's manager, Paco Wong, expressed he is heartbroken and sad. Sun Entertainment Culture sends their deep condolence to Sita's family and promises to provide full support for Sita's funeral arrangements.

According to the statement, before Sita's accident, she had just finished working and went to practice singing with her singing teacher. She practiced until 2AM and when she was driving in Yau Ma Tei, she got into the serious accident.


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