Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Joel Chan owes ex-wife alimony

Another rumour surfaced regarding Joel Chan and Florinda Ho's breakup, with sources claiming that the former TVB actor has been struggling with enormous debt after the actor paid a hefty separation fee to ex-wife.

According to Asianpopnews website, Joel Chan, who was rumoured to have been driven out by Florinda due to his massive credit card debts recently, allegedly owed his former wife, Ponny Yeung 18 months of alimony.

The actor, who reportedly forked out HKD500,000 of separation fee to Ponny to sign the divorce papers immediately, had earlier agreed to pay her a regular sum of alimony monthly but has failed to do so.

Rather than working diligently to build his career, Joel spent his time dating the rich heiress, and led a lavish lifestyle that includes high-class dining, luxury beach resorts getaway and using branded products.

A source alleged, "Joel always acted very generous towards Florinda, and often treated her to romantic dinners and lavishing her with branded gifts. He even accompanied Florinda around the world."

However, his over-spending caused him a massive debt and an alimony that has yet to be paid.

The source added that the controversy affected not only the couple but also his ex-wife, and disclosed, "Ponny has had enough over the last two years and dare not even visit her mother now [due to the recent headlines]."


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