Saturday, April 27, 2013

Joel Chan proposed to Florinda again

After reports saying that controversial couple Joel Chan and Florinda Ho have patched things up, it was recently rumoured that the former TVB actor has lately proposed to his heiress girlfriend.

Asianpopnews website reported that according to a mutual friend, Joel, who rushed to London after hearing that Florinda was ill due to food poisoning, used the opportunity to woo her back by taking care of the casino heiress attentively.

The source reported that Florinda, softened by Joel's gesture, finally agreed to reconcile. However, the actor used the opportunity to propose to her again.

The source stated, "Joel proposed to Florinda and asked for a chance to take care of her for life. Florinda was moved and called her mother Ina Chan to discuss. However, Ina was strongly against their marriage and Florinda had no choice but to shelve the wedding aside."

It was alleged that Stanley Ho's third wife has reservations about Joel, but chose not to object for her daughter's sake. But after learning that Florinda has invested in Joel's fashion business, and has spent a lot of money on him, she was very supportive of Florinda's decision to end the relationship.

The source continued, "After hearing about the reconciliation, Florinda's mother has been calling her repeatedly and urging her to return home, but Florinda has turned a deaf ear to her mother's requests and even chose to ignore her calls."

Meanwhile, according to reports, this was not the first time in which Joel had proposed to Florinda. The ex-TVB actor has been proposing numerous times to Florinda for the two years they have been together, but was rejected as the latter felt that she needed more time to understand each other.


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