Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sire Ma rubbishes suicidal rumours

"Bullet Brain" actress Sire Ma recently dismissed rumours of her weird behaviour at the set of the TVB drama, after several sources claimed that she has been showing signs of suicidal tendencies.

Jayne Stars reported that the actress, who plays a character that was deceived by the man she loves, had to film various crying scenes and found herself in an uncontrollable state of mood swings. The result, as it was reported, was tendencies to behaving weirdly and alleged suicidal thoughts.v A crew member recalled, "There was a scene in which Sire had to cry near the sea. However, she cried continuously even after the camera stopped rolling. Once she walked nearer to the water while murmuring to herself, that a crew member had to pull her away before any mishaps occurred."

The crew member continued, "A week later, Sire shot a scene that required her to cry while driving. She banged her head against the steering wheel many times, although the director already said it was not needed. When official filming started, there was already a huge bruise on her head. The scariest part was when she suddenly whispered to me, 'I don't belong in this world....There is no point in staying here!'"

On 20 April, the actress dismissed rumours of a suicidal tendency, stating that it was just a mood disorder and added, "Many people have mood disorders. It's not a big deal! I went on a vacation to the United States earlier, and my mood is better now!"

When asked why she banged her head against the steering wheel without following the script, Sire said, "I had a lot of screen time in the drama and I wanted it to be realistic."


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