Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Aaron Kwok Upset Mentioning Lynn, Comforts Tearful Christine Kuo

Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung's relationship is no more. Lynn could no longer tolerate Aaron's rumors with Christine Kuo and after so many years, she's still hasn't become Mrs. Kwok. She decided to withstand the pain and withdraw from the relationship. On Weibo, Lynn announced she is back to being "single". Yesterday the 'third party' Christine faced reporters in teary red eyes as she responded to the questions about the rumor. Aaron got upset when reporters mentioned Lynn, but when he found out Christine got wronged, he comforted his rumored girlfriend.

Christine Urges Reporters: Write the Truth

It was rumored Christine Kuo was the cause of Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung's break up. Yesterday at the Beauty at War promotion Christine expressed with red eyes: "This morning, my company told me about the news and rumor. I feel really unhappy. I didn't do anything and people are saying that about me. It's difficult to bear, and I hope they will report about the truth. (What is the truth?) I'm not the third party. (Contacted Aaron?) I concentrate on my work everyday, I don't keep in touch with him. (Last time you watched Aaron's concert, but still no contact?) No. (Any chance to develop with Aaron) Aside from work, I don't want to think about anything else. (Aaron just broke up with Lynn, no chance to develop?) Not at the moment. (Fear people will gossip about you?) My career is the priority. I hope to concentrate on my work and I hope everyone can pay more attention to my improvements and not my rumors. (Lynn Hung no longer wants to tolerate it?) I understand how a woman would feel, but I'm helpless that [the media] is writing about me like that." Netizens scolded Christine is the 'third party', and this is when tears formed in her eyes: "Please, can you all help me clear this up in your reports. (Cried due to unhappiness?) Almost..."

Meanwhile, Aaron attended a celebration event for the film Cold War. He insisted on doing the interview with Nick Cheung. At first, he looked relaxed, but when reporters asked about his break up with Lynn? He got upset. Aaron expressed after shooting Cold War, he got a new friend (Nick Cheung), but when reporters asked if he loses a girlfriend? He said: "Honestly, I'm not going to answer you. You know my personality. I do not respond to personal questions. I won't justify either. Relationships, leave it to fate."

Asked if he's single now? Aaron already lost his patience, he said: "I'm done answering! No comment!" Asked if he could just say it once so other women will know whether they have a chance? He repeated: "I'm done speaking!" Exactly, what is his current relationship with Lynn? He insisted on leaving relationships to fate. He had always kept a low-profile and so he does not want to talk about it. He hopes the public can give him some personal space. Asked again if they have already broken up? Aaron said angrily: "I risked my life filming this movie, but you're not asking me about the work, how is that respectful to the actor?"

Aaron gets upset when Lynn is mentioned, but when speaking of Christine, his face changed. When he learned Christine cried, he said: "So pitiful! There is no need to cry, the innocent will be innocent. Her personality is like this..." He added he is not very familiar with Christine. Nick Cheung suggested he treat Christine a meal? He asked how could he treat her a meal at this time? Later, Aaron expressed his apology to Christine and that fabricated news could damage a girl's image.


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