Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sammy Sum Heavily Promoted by Paco Wong

TVB artist Sammy Sum revealed outstanding talent in last year's film Young and Dangerous: Reloaded, where he portrayed the big villain. This year, his role in the film Lan Kwai Fong 2 has brought him a "Best New Performer" nomination at the 32nd HK Film Awards. It is still unknown whether Sammy can actually get this award, but what we can be certain is, his hard efforts is much appreciated. According to sources, Sammy has recently joined Paco Wong's Sun Entertainment Culture and is now a colleague of Fiona Sit and Hanjin Tan.

Paco Wong had produced many popular singers over the years, including Miriam Yeung and Leo Ku, but rarely showed any interest for television actors. This time, he plans to heavily promote Sammy after watching his guitar playing and singing performance on the Children's Day show Youth Nation. Paco said: "I noticed he has pretty good looks, so I checked up on him and it turns out he's a TVB actor. So then I went to TVB and talked to them about letting him join my company. I signed a 3 film contract with Sammy and I'm planning to let him sing the theme songs, but as for a music album, that will depend on the circumstances. He is definitely an actor worth promoting."

The 29 year old actor immigrated to Canada with his family when he was in middle school. He came back to HK in 2005 and participated in the EEG New Talent Singing Contest. He was one of the top five finalists. That same year, he participated in TVB's Tvbeople new talent casting system and signed a two year artist contract. Since then, he had participated in many TVB series and entered the TVB Artistes Training Class in 2009. He also hosted the show Living Up and participated in series such as Off Pedder and Lives of Omission. Sammy was first known as JJ Jia's boyfriend, and gained popularity after portraying a villain in the films last year.

After signing a contract with Paco, next month (May) Sammy will be participating in Patrick Kong's romantic film as the lead actor. This is his first leading role in his acting career. Sammy said excitedly: "I love watching TV and movies. As a newcomer, I'm pleased to have the opportunity to participate in films this early. I've only been in the industry for 5 years and having this achievement, I feel very lucky. Perhaps I came out of the Artistes Training class, I started off with roles like corpses and soldiers, so I really cherish every opportunity. I don't like to do a 100%, I like to do 120%. My first task is to really prepare myself for the next opportunity. It's just like the children's show I did this time, I couldn't believe a golden manager (Paco) would have interest in me." Sammy expressed he will not stress over the 'Best New Performer' award, he said: "It is like I already won the award just by having the nomination. I don't have much fate with awards, so let nature take its course."


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