Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rumored Break Up: Joel Chan Goes All-Out Trying to Rescue Relationship with Florinda Ho

Joel Chan and Florinda Ho, the daughter of 'King of Gambling' Stanley Ho's third wife (Ina Chan), have been dating for a little over two years. All along, the public did not support the 36 year old TVB actor dating a girl 12 years his junior and the relationship had always been regarded as 'the woman superior to the man'. Due to this relationship, Joel didn't hesitate to withdraw from showbiz and concentrate entirely on being Florinda's boyfriend. Ever since the couple publicized their relationship, they frequently showed off their love and often posted heart warming photos on social networks. At one point, there were even rumors that they're getting married, which shocked the public. Even Florinda's mother, who strongly opposed them being together, eventually changed her mind and allowed her daughter to marry. Also, Joel would frequently attend their family events and show off his status as the 'King of Gamble's Son-In-Law'.

"In a blink of an eye, the Green Light turned into a Red Light!" When everyone thought Joel secured his role as the Gambling King's Son-In-Law, a new break up rumor started spreading.

All along, Joel and Florinda appeared inseparable, often spotted together, publicly chatted on Weibo and posted intimate photos of their dates. However, yesterday when Florinda attended an event with her mother, Ina Chan, reporters asked why she attended alone? Florinda had an indifferent response. That night, she posted a photo of a thousand words forming the shape of a heart and wrote: "Love=Money". Earlier, she uploaded a photo that had the English message: "Some people come into your life as Blessings!! Others come in your life AS LESSONS!!" These Weibo posts implies the pair have broken up.

The day before yesterday, Florinda uploaded another photo of her carrying her pet dog ('Siu Kat') and said: "Siu Kat, we have to separate." It was understood, they are not playing 'love games' this time, their relationship has really come to an end.

Yesterday reporters contacted Florinda via WhatsApp to confirm the break up rumor. She expressed: "No comment" , which differs from her previous responses to negative news, she would usually clarify them. Regarding the break up, Joel apparently has been in denial and is currently trying his hardest to patch the relationship up. Florinda seems indecisive and has not given the 'death sentence' (official break up) yet. How will the 'Joel-Florinda' romance end? It is currently unknown.


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