Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Joel Chan and Florinda Ho make up

After making the decision to chase after his lady love to London last week, it was rumoured that Joel Chan and Florinda Ho have finally rekindled their relationship.

Jayne Stars reported that on 12 April, Joel set off to London boarding a Cathay Pacific flight, allegedly after borrowing money from friends for his airfare.

It was also reported that the former TVB actor also arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport by the Turbo Jet flight from Macau, and directly checked in to his flight through the custom terminals at the pier in order to avoid the paparazzi.

After learning that the heiress has been suffering from food poisoning during the last few days, Joel immediately took her to see the doctor and was seen running errands for Florinda around the city.

Touched by his gesture, sources revealed that the casino heiress has already forgiven Joel and they are now back together.

One of the sources claimed, "It was Vincent [mutual friend] who contacted Joel about Florinda's food poisoning. Vincent also came up with an excuse to go back to Hong Kong so Joel could come to London to take care of her."


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