Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lawrence Ng Excited to Work with Sheren Tang, Teresa Mo & Flora Chan Again

Following Flora Chan's comeback in Eric Tsang's new TVB series Aerobic Girls, two other heavyweight actresses Teresa Mo and Sheren Tang are invited back to join the cast. The three 'queens' are going to co-star alongside Lawrence Ng. The series is scheduled to start in May. Although Lawrence won't have heavy screen time in this series, he was still willing to be part of it for two reasons. The first is because of good friend Eric Tsang and the other important reason is because he can work with his three former partners -- Flora, Teresa and Sheren -- at one time. He frankly expressed he highly anticipates this collaboration.

Yesterday reporters contacted Lawrence to confirm, he expressed: "I won't say who they are, but just hearing their names, I already really miss them and this has become the reason why I may possibly be in this series. However, it's not confirmed yet!" Lawrence and Teresa's collaboration in the 1986 TVB series A Taste of Brotherhood left a deep impression on audience; Sheren continues her fate with Lawrence after their 2000 collaboration in The Threat of Love (Loving You) and that same year, with Flora Chan in A Taste of Love.

This TVB grand production is definitely getting a lot of attention. There were constant rumors of heavyweight artists participating including Veronica Yip, Charmaine Sheh and even Anita Yuen. Reporters contacted Anita in Thailand for details. She admitted TVB executive Tommy Leung called her three times to invite her back, she said: "Tommy called me, I actually really liked the script, but there were schedule conflicts. I have to go to Hengdian for work, so it's unfortunate and a pity. I have to apologize to Tommy!"


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