Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Eric Tsang personally invites Charmaine Sheh back to TVB

The veteran Hong Kong artiste reportedly hosted a dinner to persuade Charmaine Sheh to return to TVB
Eric Tsang and TVB executive Norman Leung reportedly hosted a dinner to invite Charmaine Sheh back to TVB.

According to the Hong Kong media, Eric continued his series of 60th birthday celebrations by hosting a dinner at a hotel two days ago. It was said that although Eric invited Charmaine to celebrate his birthday together with him, his actual intention was to persuade her to renew her contract with TVB. The other guests included other Hong Kong big names such as Michael Miu, Alex Fong, Lawrence Ng, Eddie Cheung Siu-fai as well as other TVB executives, and they all took turns to coax Charmaine into returning.

As both her mentor and longtime friend, Eric said he sincerely hoped that Charmaine would return to TVB. Charmaine was previously invited to a TVB special in celebration of Eric’s 60th birthday, but the actress turned down the invitation.

Charmaine was under TVB for 14 years and her shows never fail to bring in high ratings for the company. After her last TVB drama 4 in Love two years ago, Charmaine left TVB and shifted her focus to mainland China’s entertainment industry instead.

As Charmaine’s management contract with China’s Creative Entertainment ended last month, HKTV, NowTV, Emperor Entertainment Group and others have been vying to take her under their wing. In the face of strong competition, TVB has reportedly been desperately trying all means to recruit her.

An insider revealed, “Charmaine still owes TVB one drama, and initially we wanted her to act in You're Hired 2 alongside Dayo Wong, but the filming period didn’t fit with her schedule.”

Meanwhile, sources revealed that TVB intends to cast Charmaine in an upcoming drama which stars the four-time Hong Kong Film Award winner Tony Leung Ka-Fai. Filming is expected to begin in January next year, and talks with Charmaine are ongoing.

The actress confirmed yesterday, “We are still at the initial stage of discussions. I have always wanted to act with Tony Leung. As long as my schedule allows, I will definitely agree.”


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