Friday, April 19, 2013

Seductresses - Samantha Ko and Oceane Zhu

Playing the role of a seductress or a third party in numerous dramas does not make you such person in real life, as stressed by both TVB actresses, Samantha Ko and Oceane Zhu.

Popular Asians website reported that the two actresses - who have been playing such roles in various TVB dramas, emphasised that although they are willing to portray these characters, they are highly against being third parties in real life.

"Friendly Fire" actress, Samantha Ko, revealed that she took on such roles because other actresses are afraid to taint their reputation through such characters, and said, "Maybe it's because during my first two years in the industry, I had no experience with dramas, so every time I was cast, I see it as an opportunity. These types of roles allow for more development. An actress has to portray all types of characters."

Speaking about real life, Samantha exclaimed that she would never be a third party in someone else's relationship and stated that if she does happen to end up in a triangle relationship, she will insist to be the one who leaves right away.

Like Samantha, Oceane also sees third party roles as opportunities. "I don't resist portraying third party roles, because I want to try roles with a bad image and give the audience a fresh feeling. Viewers would be bored if an actress plays the same character over and over again."

Asked what her family think of her roles, she stated, "Portraying a third party is a bit awkward, but I'm not afraid of worrying my family. They understand my personality well, and know it's only acting."


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