Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lawyer Wrongly Blesses Raymond Lam & Karean Ng, Causes "Marriage" Misunderstanding

Raymond Lam and his 19 year old girlfriend Karena Ng are often spotted together on movie dates and they went traveling together 3 times in a month. This couple is always sticking together and very sweet. Raymond often brings her out with him to friend gatherings and introduce his girlfriend to friends. Karena has even met Raymond's parents before, while Raymond is at a marriageable age. The elders often rush him to get marry. Yesterday Lawyer Lam, works as the head at the Paul W. Tse China Legal Services Centre posted a sweet photo of the couple and wrote: "Raymond and Karena, [my] blessings to you." Raymond had a white dress shirt and Karena dignified dressed with a sweet smile. Lawyer Lam was standing behind the couple in the picture. Reporters contacted Paul Tse, asked if Lawyer Lam was helping Raymond and Karena handle their marriage arrangements? Paul Tse expressed: "No because Lawyer Lam does not handle marriages, he is responsible for Chinese law, usually helps artists work their Mainland work." What a beautiful misunderstanding.

Karena attended the store opening of fashion brand Chloe. When asked what her boyfriend likes to wear? She sweetly said: "Light colors, suitable for his age. Usually I do help him pick clothing, I like him in suits because looks formal. (Who likes to look pretty more?) We are not considered pretty boys/girls." Recently there has been a lot more 'third parties' around, will she watch closely of her boyfriend? She said: "I trust him. He's very well-behaved, I told him to watch what he's eating and he's listening to me. After work, he goes back to rest. (Mandarin girls are very initiating?) Worrying so much can get difficult."

When speaking of Raymond's ex-girlfriend Mavis Pan showing off love by posting photos of her and her boyfriend? Karena expressed she heard about it, but she does not know her. She has only seen her once before and has no comment. She said she will not post photos on Weibo: "I won't post pictures of us two on Weibo, but there are large group pictures. We usually get photographed a lot, so why would I put them online. (Bed photos?) Of course not, scenery photos are much more meaningful."


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