Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kenneth Ma Enjoys Watching TV Series with Mother

Kenneth Ma is the spokesperson for TVB Network Vision (TVBNV), a network servicing TVB Pay Vision and satellite TV. The staff arranged an elder, middle-aged and young woman to work with this "seun poon" on the promotional clip. During filming, a mother (an Extra) suddenly held onto Kenneth's hand and looked at him deep in the eye, which left Kenneth in embarrassment. Kenneth said: "I actually enjoy waching TV series myself. My mother likes watching too. I installed TVBNV at home too, so my mother could enjoy the series and sometimes I watch with her after work. (Accompany your future other half in watching series?) If I have a girlfriend in the future, I'll install TVBNV for her too, so even if I can't be with her, she can just pass the time by watching TV first."


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