Wednesday, April 3, 2013

TVB Only Agreed HK$500 Raise, Felix Wong Slams on Table and Leaves

Felix Wong was on the iCable talk show Star Chatroom for an interview. Felix expressed he endured through continuous filming and eventually suffered from hepatitis. When it was time for a contract renewal, TVB was only willing to give him a HK$500 raise.

Felix claimed, his record back then was 7 days, 7 nights of no sleep. After enduring through 3 years, he eventually suffered from hepatitis and it was only that time he had the opportunity to get a longer break -- 18 days. Felix sighed, back then he endured through so much, he was basically hallow and was half asleep, half awake when speaking his lines. How can an actor perform well in this kind of condition?

The "Five Tigers" back then were Felix, Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Michael Miu and Kent Tong. They all left to work elsewhere, except for Felix, who stayed with TVB and continued to shoot series. He expressed, during that time he still had to pay for his house and car, so he only stayed because of the job security.

Unfortunately when he tried to get a raise during his discussion with TVB on the contract renewal, they could not come to an agreement. Feeling disheartened, he decided to leave. Felix's unforgettable moment was the cold comment TVB made to him: "You didn't really have good performances in the past few years, you don't deserve to get that much of a raise." Felix expressed although there wasn't many achievements, still his hard efforts should count. He put his life into acting and the ratings for his series did pretty well too. When TVB finally said they'll give him a HK$500 raise, but he has to renew his contract for another 5 years, Felix's first reaction was: "My hand slammed on the table, I said forget it, don't give the raise, I don't even want a penny. Three years later when my contract ends, I'm leaving." Felix disclosed when he left TVB in the 90s, his monthly salary was around HK$10,000. He later signed a 'per series' contract with ATV and they paid well. When TVB wanted to bring Felix back, he already had a contract with ATV and eventually the many year business relationship came to an end.


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